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Hi, I'm Tanya Marten

I was born in Michigan on a Sunday in April in the middle of the church service. Yes, I interrupted my dad's job my first day here on earth. I'm the only child of a minister (German & Irish) and a librarian (Scandanvian), so basically I'm a mutt. For the astrologically inclined that makes me a Aries with Cancer rising, Taurus-moon, Aries-Venus & Mercury, Virgo-Mars. I was born with a birth defect commonly known as a lazy eye for which I've had six surgeries - consequently, I have no depth perception - which may explain how I can see things from so many different points of view.

My family moved to Maryland when I was quite young and that's where I spent my youth. My mom taught yoga so I was doing yoga from the time I could stand. And my dad wrote liturgical musicals and put me in them at a very early age. So I happily blame him that I went on to a career in the Arts.

Tanya Marten

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My education includes and an M.F.A. in Acting and a B.A. in theatre; minor dance & music. My career in the Arts has taken me all over the country from Los Angeles to New York, where I currently reside with my husband and our two dogs, Chewy (shepherd/ golden lab) & Frodo (chow / black lab).

So far in my life, I've been employed as: an actor, singer, dancer, writer, film-editor and composer, book-seller, bartender, waitress, legal secretary, managing director of non-profit company, personal assistant, PR director, masseuse, teacher and clown (I've probably missed a few here).

I've studied healing from many angles. I studied a vast array of healing forms from the traditional to the alternative including: psychology (Freud, Jung), NLP, Enneagram (Motivator/Achiever), Myers-Briggs (ENFJ), nutrition, acupuncture, meditation and quantum physics, dance, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Traeger, Cranial-Sacral work, Polarity, Rolfing, Reiki & EFT. I believe that some of the best healing comes from working with energy as we don't have to engage the rational logical mind and in by-passing that part of our brains it seems to speed healing. It will probably come as no surprise that I've also studied a variety of religions, philosophy and the paranormal: including the various forms of Christianity; Buddhism, Judaism, Earth religions, eastern and western thought, astrology, numerology, aromatherapy, herbs, crystals, feng-shui (the list goes on).

Ultimately, I believe there are many paths to heaven/enlightenment/nirvana and other dimensions. I honor each persons journey as their own and hold that every path has merit, value and beauty.

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Tanya Marten, Managing Director of Actors Repertory Theater

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