There’s a spark inside each one of us that can touch, fill, and remind us
We’e greater than we know and completely connected to everything and everyone around us. That spark is inspiration, creativity and healing combined together. Some people call it our soul. When we can touch that or even see it in the distance, the memory of it helps us keep going when everything around us seems dark and hopeless.

There’s a wonderful story

A man fell into a deep dark hole in the ground.
He struggled to climb out - but the walls were too high.
He yelled for help but no one answered.
Luckily, just then, a friend was walking by and heard him.

The friend immediately jumped into the hole.
When the friend landed at the bottom . . .
The man yelled "Are you CRAZY! Why did you do that?! Now we're both stuck down here. How will we ever get out?"

"We’ll be fine", said the friend,
"I’ve been down here before
and I know the way out."

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