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The energy drink Verve is my friend. What comes to mind when youíre tired and you want a drink to help you stay awake? Coffee is the first thing that comes to my mind. The jury is still out as to whether coffee is good or bad for you. But one thing is for sure. Donít drink too much of it. And then there an energy drink. Red Bull comes to mind along with another world of sugary soft drinks loaded with calories. These drinks are never for you. Itís like that old saying, if itís good for you, it tastes horrible and if you like it itís bad for you, it tastes great.

Now, Iím an energy junkie. I hate feeling tired or run down and Iím not used to it. I suck at getting out of bed in the morning and Iím too lazy to get up a make a cup of coffee before I leave for work. It just takes too much time and more energy than I have in the mornings. But, after trying a lot of different drinks and shakes etc. I finally discovered an energy drink that works great, is truly healthy for me and gives me the boost I need in the morning. I donít have to take the time to make it or blend it (as with so many health drinks). I just have to open the can and pour it in my mouth. Itís called Verve. These days, itís the first thing I drink after my morning glass of water and by the time I get to work, Iím feeling so good, I donít even crave my morning coffee.

Hereís what I like about Verve.
- It gives me energy. But itís not loaded with sugar. The sugar free version has 4 calories, so when Iím doing weight watchers I can drink a can and itís 0 points
- I donít crash in the afternoon
- It helps alleviate my headaches
- Itís got tons of vitamins and minerals
- It contains mangosteen
- And it tastes good.

Really, I never thought Iíd be drinking these every day. I bought them because a friend recommended them to me. But now, I drink at least one every day, in addition to all my water when I feel I need extra energy, I reach for something healthy instead of another cup of coffee.

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Mangosteen benefits include:

1. Anti-fatigue (energy booster)

2. Powerful anti-inflammatory (prevents inflammation)
3. Analgesic (prevents pain)

4. Anti-ulcer (stomach, mouth and bowel ulcers)

5. Anti-depressant (low to moderate)

6. Anxyolytic (anti-anxiety effect)

7. Anti-Alzheimerian (helps prevent dementia)

Verve also contains Aloe Vera & Green Tea. There is even a special can lining that makes sure that the aluminum of the can doesn't come into contact with the healthy contents. In order to preserve all the goodness they even use a new special cold fill process so all the vitamins and other good stuff is protected while being filled into the can.

Did you know that youíd need . . .

  • 2 Cups of spinach to get the same amount of Vitamin A
  • 2 and a half large Watermelons to get the same amount of Vit B6
  • 4.4 pounds of Cheddar Cheese to get the same amount of Vit B12
  • 3 oranges to get the same amount of Vitamin C
  • 55 eggs to get the same amount of Vitamin D
  • 10 Avocados to get the same amount of Vitamin E
  • 3 bunches of Broccoli to get the same amount of iron
  • 4 cups of peas to get the same amount of Thiamine
  • 20 normal sized Bananas to get the same amount of Riboflavin
  • 62 cups of tomatoes to get the same amount of Folic acid
  • 5 big potatoes to get the same amount of Niacin
  • 1.1 pounds of cherries to get the same ORAC value
  • 37 normal sized mushrooms to get the same amount of pantothene acid
To equal one can of Verve?
Now Verve isnít cheap. Itís cheaper than Starbucks (and better for you), but it costs me about $2.00 a can and I think itís worth every penny.

Common ingredients found in an Energy Drink

Has anyone ever really looked into what actually goes into Energy Drinks? And the question is really though, do we care what we are putting into our bodies and what ingredients an energy drink actually holds. Certainly it would be better for us if we did.

1) Caffeine. Itís the most common ingredient in almost every energy drinkf, as it acts as a big stimulant and if plentiful in drinks such as coke, pepsi, mountain dew, and coffee and tea. However, in most energy drinks there is usually a much higher quantity of caffeine often around 100-200 mg. This is why a lot of people feel side effects from energy drinks like jitters and crashing when caffeine has worn off. (Verve doesnít contain caffeine).

2) Taurine. Taurine is something that is naturally produced by the body, as it is supposed to help energy levels throughout the body. And itís best if your body makes enough of this but it doesnít always. One of the things that they always talked about with taurine in an energy drink is that it could possibly help with stress levels as well. Verve contains 1000 mg of Taurine.

3) Guarana. It is derived from South America in plants and is supposed to be used for awareness and energy levels. It can be compared to caffeine but has a few different variations and stimulants. Verve contains 200 mg of Guarana Seed Extract

4) B Vitamins. We all know the importance of vitamins and minerals. B Vitamins are supposed to wake up our bodies and kick start them, and thatís why energy drinks put these type of vitamins in them. (Verve has a complex of B Vitamins, one can gives you 100-250% of your daily vitamins.)

5) Ginseng - With the emergence of this supplement, its supposed to be a herb that is known to increase energy levels, and alleviate stress as well. Ginseng is created naturally by the body as well, but again the levels of supplementation and energy drinks donít match up well. Also, ginseng is not a good supplement for women to take on any ongoing basis. (Verve doesnít include Ginseng)..

6) Ginkgo Biloba - Along with ginseng, this is another emerging herb. It is supposed to help your memory, concentration, and blood circulation. This also is made for the regulating of stress levels. (Not included in Verve)

7) L-Carnitine - Is naturally produced by your body and is supposed to help with your metabolism and energy levels. It is created by your liver and kidneys, but because it speeds up your metabolism it can often increase energy levels and thatís the main reason why energy drinks hold this ingredient. It is supposed to give you endurance as well. The bad thing about this is that some people use this ingredient for support of their heart, so to much of this can speed up the heart and thatís not good for you. (Verve doesnít include L-Carnitine like many other energy drinks do.)

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