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Body Mind Soul Resources

Body Mind Soul Resources including: Alternative Therapies, Bipolar, Creativity, Depression, Energy Healing, Health and Fitness, Inspiration, Law of Attraction, other Personal Development, and Directories

Alternative Therapies & Healing


A good very comprehensive acupuncture site

Acupuncturist in NYC

Virginia Mims is my acupuncturist and she is in midtown Manhattan.  I love her and would recommend her to anyone.

Angel Sourced Holistics

A Treatment, Training & Therapy Centre offering all things Holistic Dedicated to Ascension & Re-uniting Mind, Body & Soul with Spirit.


A wonderful informative site for Energy Healing.

Answer My Health Question

The online source to answer health questions. Find answers, ideas & feedback that is natural-health & alternative-medicine focused. Would you rather be a disease statistic or a health statistic?

Anxiety Cures Program

The Anxiety Cures Program

Earth Clinic

This site has many folk and home grown remedies.  This is an invaluable resource that I use constantly.


Link to Gary Craig’s site.  He’s the founder of EFT

EFT for Personal Development

EFT for Personal Development is a site that will help you clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming your best self, using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Enhanced Healing

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Meditation Techniques Guide

Meditation Techniques Guide offers in-depth knowledge of Meditation and a large collection of meditation techniques that help to reduce stress, achieve mental peace and tranquility, and a total self-transformation.


Currently I have Reiki resources on my Reiki page.  I will continue to expand them there.

Relationship-with-Self is a website dedicated to teaching you how to love yourself first.


Women to Women

This is a really great site I found while doing research on pain management and fatigue. It has helpful information on health including weight loss, menopause and so much more.


Bipolar website

Good site, useful info.  I really like their resources area where they have mood tracking charts and forums

Pysch Central

Good comprehensive site that discusses all forms of mental illness, includes tests, diagnosis and what you can do.

Of Like Minds

Very helpful friendly site for all types of mood disorders.  I get there newsletter. 

Harbor of Refuge

Has information for Bipolar and it’s a very homegrown site.  They have forums and lots of information.

Mixed Nuts

I really like the site.  It’s a combination of very professional but personal at the same time.  And they get points for addressing the subject with humor

Ride the Sunshine Glow

When the meaning & purpose of Mania & Spiritual Emergency are understood & accepted, then long-lasting healing can occur. A very personal journey.


Creativity / Inspiration

Choosing Life My Way

The aim of this website is to encourage you to dare to be different. To help you find the courage to choose your own way and to follow your heart. Everything you need is within you. You just need to discover it!

Do you like to draw or paint? This is a cool site for the budding artist in you.

Inspirational Poems

A collection of inspirational poems. Poetry, to inspire you, to give you food for thought, and for sharing. Also a free monthly motivational quote calendar from Inspirational Words of Wisdom.

Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts

This site is full of resources for people who need guidance & inspiration, to break old habits, overcome challenges, and develop new ways of thinking, break down the walls that stop you from reaching your goals and will help you on your journey of personal growth and wealthy creation. Many free public domain books available, go see. - Creativity through interesting projects. Unleash your creativity. This is a LOT of fun.

The Queen of Joy

Fun inspiring articles on creativity and joy.

Women’s Inspiration

Women’s Inspiration is a lovely site dedicated to women's needs; including spirituality, motivation, health, and Christianity.



All on Depression Help

Information and Inspiration for Overcoming Depression. Need depression help? Overcoming depression starts with understanding the condition: what it is, its types, causes, signs, symptoms and effects. We provide the needed information, inspiration and natural remedies.

Anorexia, Bulimia and Eating Disorders

Find information and advice on prevention, treatment and recovery. Help for parents, partners and friends of an anorexic/bulimic. Personal stories of recovery. Articles about media influence, family influence, consumer society, and eating disorders.

Depression Resources

Our page of National Mental Health Resources

Depression Tribe

Really good forum.  I’m not a big forum person but I like this one.

Kinda like going to the doctor.  It’s a good site and is very medically based.

Depressions Tests

Our page with a listing of Tests for Depression & Bipolar

Drug Side Effects is a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications. Including the most recent drug causing depression, Accutane. See the accutane lawsuit page for more information.

Mixed Nuts

I really like the site.  It’s a combination of very professional but personal at the same time.  And they get points for addressing the subject with humor

Of Like Minds

Very helpful friendly site for all types of mood disorders.  I get there newsletter. 

Wing of Madness

Good site.  Deals exclusively with clinical depression.  Very artistic feel, useful articles.  They also have a forum and a chat room.


Health and Fitness

Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

Best colon cleanse site provides reviews of top products for losing weight and staying healthy through the use of natural herbal colon cleansing. Detoxify your body, remove the waste from your colon. Enjoy youthful health once again with all-natural

Consumer Dangers

This site is a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about defective drugs and medical devices that can potentially cause harm and even death.

Health Issues And Tips

Designed as Educational Information, to help solve Health Issues, with Tips on Exercise, Weight Loss, Addictions, Sleep Disorders, Depression and much more.

Medical Malpractice Center

This site is a wealth of information regarding medical malpractice and the unwanted side effects of certain medications and medical treatments.

Mid-Life Renewal

Learn to understand the roots of your illness, the triggers, the signs and symptoms and remember that it is never too late to instigate renewal into your mid-life concern.

The miracle of Good Health is like a gift that we do not fully appreciate and tend to take for granted until we loose it. To learn something about this gift and how we can ensure that we live a long happy life visit

Menopause solutions for a healthier life! This website addresses menopause symptoms like hot flashes, depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, as well as menopause solutions, how to cope with this change of life and grow old gracefully.

Nutritional Health Supplements

Facts about nutrition and health supplementation; A natural way to healthy living for men, women, children and pets. Informative and experienced knowledge on vitamin benefits and anti-aging nutrition.

Organic Skin Care Products

The Organic Skin Care Shop offers a huge selection of hand-blended organic skin care products.

Want to be more relaxed? Breathing right has been proven to lower anxiety within the body.

Weight Watchers

I’m a lifetime member of weight watchers. If you’ve been dieting forever and have yet to find something that works for you, I do suggest weight watchers. It’s a simple, economical system that can fit into any lifestyle. I recommend both the meetings and the online system.


Law of Attraction

Brad Yates

Brad Yates combines the Law of Attraction and EFT. I’ve found his downloads invaluable. For more information on his technique Click Here!

Internet Home Business

Welcome to a no pressure, fun place where people can find answers to their questions from A to Z, about starting and running an online business from home - or wherever you like to spend time

Law of Attraction Guide

The Complete Guide to The Law of Attraction. Exploring the History, Background, Definition and the ways to utilize the Laws of Attraction. Containing book reviews, film reviews, free ebooks and practical lessons in visualization and affirmation techniques.

Positive Healthy Living

This is a lovely site on utilizing the law of attraction, healing depression and pets. I’ve found her information very useful for my two dogs.

The Secret Alliance

The Secret Alliance is the online destination that allows you to put your visualizations, affirmations, gratitude and intentions out there

Wealth Beyond Reason

The Truth about the Law of Attraction. The course is fantastic. Plenty of free information. If you’ve been working with the law of attraction and you want a step by step process to integrate it. This is the place to begin.

Womens Law of Attraction Solutions

Great site by award-winning colleague Gisele. Her upbeat site offers specific ways to apply law of attraction to issues such as love, abuse, menopause, debt and parenting.


Personal Development

Become your authentic self through counseling, workshops, courses and classes for self improvement, personal development and self help. Why search for your authentic self? Find answers to questions such as who am I and why is being my true self such a struggle?

Clays Relationship Advice

Complete relationship advice for every type of relationship. From romantic dating to marriage and divorce, you will find your answers here.

Consciousness and Spirituality

Nowhere on the web do consciousness, spirituality and quantum physics meet in a more profound way than on this site

empowering-quotations logo

Find Inspiration, Motivation and Empowering tools to help you reach your goals.

Enlightened Women

This website is there to ignite the flame within each woman in this world. It aims to help you grow from your inner world to your outer world. You’ll find how to all be empowering women by doing personal growth, allowing yourself to live an abundance life, put magic in your relationship, and learn more about homosexuality. Women and success is also possible for each one of you, so you can achieve your financial success.

Free Ebook from

Click here for A FREE EBOOK WITH UPLIFTING AUDIO POSTCARDS so you can experience energy, motivation and freedom from stress every time you open your inbox!

Grow towards success

Grow consciously towards that life you ever wanted through developing a habit, a career, health, good relationship and spirituality that empowers you to achieve it.


Daily Articles About Prevent Relationship Drift, How To Be Curious and Inspirational Short Stories. Helping you gaining confidence and being successful.

My Personal Growth Journey

Jerry Grinkmeyer is the author of “Conversations with Katherine”, the story of a middle-aged man’s struggle to overcome the debilitating self image bequeathed him by an abusive step-mother.

It is a vicarious account of the author’s own journey back to sanity and the lessons he learned along the way. Visit the author's website at:

Pegasus Directory

Really Cool Free web directory

Personal Development Forum

Personal Development Forum provides news, views, reviews, and articles related to personal development and personal growth. It is the ideal place to meet, mix, share and grow.

Personal growth
at its best


Free personal growth and personal development resources, with a focus on helping you find success and meaning in your life. Areas of interest include self-confidence, stress relief, relationship, wealth, meditation, happiness etc.

Powerful Traits

How To Live A Fulfilling Life. Using powerful traits like time management, goal setting, organizing, outsourcing and more.

Self Improvement Strategies

Discover empowering self improvement, personal development self help strategies. Change any aspect of your life today, NOW, with my powerful, FREE, self improvement and personal development self help strategies and put yourself on the fast-track to living YOUR dream life!

Stress and

Life Beyond Stress And Anxiety. Learn to live a low stress life with alternative methods of stress management and relaxation. Use yoga, meditation, guided imagery, massage, aromatherapy, hypnosis, etc. to bring down stress and experience deep relaxation.




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